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Autoresponder Limits
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Autoresponder Limits


This section covers common limitations imposed by the developer of an autoresponder.


Some remotely hosted autoresponders will limit your usage in several ways including:

  • The number of autoresponders for each license.

  • The number of subscribers or even the number of follow-up messages for each autoresponder.

You will have to pay more if you want a less restrictive account.


Most locally hosted autoresponders will limit you to the number of domains or copies of the scripts you are allowed to install. As usual, you will have to pay more for a greater number of domains.


For desktop-hosted autoresponders, they may limit you to the number of copies which you are allowed to run simultaneously, or the use of some more advanced features.


Another limitation to watch out for is the type of backend database used. A good database like mySQL can support very large mailing list.



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