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Handle Subscription
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Handle Subscription


Autoresponders vary in the way they handle subscription e.g., whether they accept subscription through a web form* and/or via email.


(*Note: a web form is a HTML code that you put on your website to allow your visitors to put in their name and email address, etc. This information will then be entered into your subscriber database automatically.)


Another important consideration is whether they generate the HTML form code automatically. This will save you a lot of time without having to do the coding yourself.


Also, the autoresponders must be able to handle all subscriptions automatically. This requirement may seem obvious (why would you want an autoresponder in the first place?), but is nevertheless emphasized here.


Equally important is whether they provide a

one-click unsubscribe link which is required by law in some countries.


Surprisingly, this feature is not included in some of the less sophisticated locally and desktop hosted models. So it is a good reason alone to exclude them from your shortlist.



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