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Follow-Up Email Autoresponder (FUEA) v1.4


The Follow-Up Email Autoresponder is a very simple email autoresponder with basic and useful features.


It comes with an unlimited number of autoresponders, unlimited follow-up messages, unlimited number of subscribers, and you can install unlimited copies on an unlimited number of domains!


It has the basic useful features including sending sequential email messages, automatic subscribe and unsubscribe, subscribe via web form or email, generate signup form, personalization and sending attachments.


The script also allows you to create and assign an auto responder to a mailing list, so when someone sends an email to the auto responder, they are automatically added to the mailing list, and follow-ups begin.

Autoresponder Features

  • Easy to set-up and configure in 10 minutes.

  • User friendly Admin Control Panel
    Installs and runs on your web site with no extra monthly charges.

  • No limits to the amount of email you can send.

  • No limit on the number of autoresponders, each with their own customizable "thank-you" pages, "From" address and follow-ups.

  • No limit on the number of follow-up messages - schedule as many emails as you want!

  • Full personalization - every part of every follow-up message can be personalized.

  • A single click unsubscribe link can be added to all your follow-up messages.

  • Send reports to administrator.

  • Fastest mailing algorythm possible - it sends up to 600 emails a minute.

  • Importing email lists.

  • Exporting active prospects.

  • Global database of all emails.

  • Powerful duplicate emails checking.

  • Every follow-up message can have file attachment up to 2Mb each.

  • Subscripton box HTML code generator.

  • Free up your time to do things other than sending email.

System Requirements


Only the most basic of web hosting packages will not have the resources to run FUEA. Please check with your host before ordering the software.

  • Unix Operating system (linux/FreeBSD)

  • Perl5 Interpreter (standard on unix machines)

  • SendMail (standard on unix machines)

  • Works without CRON jobs (which are not allowed on many servers). You place a 1 pixel "image" on a well viewed web page which activates the script periodically. When activated, it checks and see if it needs to send your contacts.

You do not need to have access to .forward or .procmail file to collect subscribers by sending a blank email.


FUEA can connect to ANY POP3 email account and check mail for new subscribers. Not just your domain POP3 access, but also the free ones!

File Format

The program files are written in perl cgi scripts.




Unlimited Domain License- $35.90 Order Now

The license grants you the right to install and run unlimited copies of the software on unlimited number of domains for an unlimited time, on one or more web hosts or servers. The subscription forms can be on any number of domains.



Our system will immediately email to you your download instructions and your own installation license number after you complete the payment process.


License number

You must use the license number when you install the software.


Time of Delivery

It will normally take about 10 minutes for the email to reach you. However, if you have a slow connection please allow up to an hour before contacting us.




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ClickBank will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 90 days from the date of purchase. After 90 days all sales are final.







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