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You must register your AMLM scripts here in order to continue using them after the first month. All installations are monitored from our servers. We will disable any scripts after the first month if they are not registered with us.

How to fill the form:

Please enter the name and email address you used when ordering the AMLM from us.

Example 1- If you purchased the 2 domains version of AMLM, enter them under "Register Your Domains Here" box. If you use only 1 domain, enter it now. Later when you want to use it for another domain you can come back again to fill up the form.

Example 2- Let's say you have already purchased the 2 domains version of AMLM and you have already registered two domains A and B here (following Example 1 above). But now you decided to move one of your registrations from domain A to another domain C. You will enter domain C under "Register Your Domains Here" box, and enter domain A under "Unregister Your Domains Here" box. So the registered domains now become domain B and C. Total number of registered domain remains at two as per your licensing condition.

Name: *
Email: *
Register Your Domains Here:
Unregister Your Domains Here: