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What They Say...

The AMLM has been proven to be a trouble-free program and very stable once installed.

We have tons of testimonial.

 Following are just a few:

Your program is the best of it's kind I have seen, I have been using autoresponders etc for five years now and this is the best I have seen!

Firstly it gives the user full control of the process.

Second it allows bulk removes, an important point when so many email addresses bounce.

Third, it is quite easy to learn because the web interface is very intuitive.

Finally it has an excellent reporting and logging system.

Steve Elliott

I have no problems recommending AMLM.

I have looked through a few options and found that this is, for me, the best I have seen on the market.

Although i am just setting it up with a new website, I am impressed with the ease of install and features it has.

And the price is great value. I also like the fact that it can import and export email addresses and has an easy to use interface.

What is also important to me is customer service and support and when I had a problem with something (purely my ignorance), you sorted it out immediately.

You can also add that I like the fact that it uses a MySql database for storage.

Kind Regards
Paul Akerman


It's an incredible piece of software. I was looking for the right script to automate my mailing list and spent a considerable time analysing, testing and evaluating similar mailing list processor scripts. One with followup autoresponders are hard to find or are expensive.

I tried the Lite version of this script first, it worked great but I needed some of the added features of the Pro version so I purchased that as well. It took me a very short time to put the mailing list on full autopilot.

Now my newsletter subscribers just sign up, get automatic confirmations on subscribe and unsubscribe, the script follows up on them as often I choose to and everythng runs on autopilot. Great job, great script.


Hi! I just wanted to thank you guys for the outstanding Autoresponder and Mailing List Manager PRO. I have tried several different mailing list scripts, but NONE had all the features AMLM has.

It's so easy to administer several mailing list/autoresponders, and I simply love the fact that I can send HTML messages, too! That feature alone is worth more than the cost..

I highly encourage all webmasters who run newsletter/autoresponders on their sites, to throw out their current mailing list script, and switch to Autoresponder and Mailing List Manager PRO!

Frank H. Svendsen

I have been using the "Followup Mailing List Processor" for several months now.

Prior to the purchase I was using an autoresponder service which cost me over $20.00 per month, and the service was very slow in sending emails. Their tech support people were unable to solve the problem.

When I found your product, I decided to put together an email course that sends out 52 free downloadable packages, 1 every 3 days for approximately 5 months.

I have found the speed of sending those emails, as well as special broadcasts, to be amazing.

The script was very easy to install on my server by myself, and I have had no problems or complaints.

I can now begin marketing efforts to build up the size of my list now that I'm comfortable with my ability to support the clients that I can attract.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful product.

Dennis Becker,
MDM Sports


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Here are some videos on AMLM which I uploaded to Google, Yahoo and Youtube- which show you how to install the Lite version. Simply choose the site and click the link to watch the videos live.

Watch the videos live on Youtube:

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Watch the videos live on Google:

Part 1

Part 2


Watch the videos live on Yahoo:

Part 1

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