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SW Cloaker v2.1

Search engines deliver the very best traffic possible... These visitors are targeted... they must be, since they use keywords that relate directly to your product.

But can you compile your existing HTML pages and make them more friendly for Search Engine spiders, without spamming the search engine, and increase your site traffic by many times quickly?

Be one of the first to experience the power
of this revolutionary search engine cloaking
software and watch your traffic skyrocket!

What is the SW Cloaker?

The probability of a sale is directly related to how qualified the prospect is. Search engines deliver prospects who have qualified themselves!

If you are seriously looking to make significant money on the net... then you simply can't pass this up!

We live in a world where almost everything we do is, in someway, automated for us.

Why not let the SW Cloaker automate the volume of your traffic...

With this extraordinary software you can gain top listings with major search engines, and easily generate 1,000's of highly targeted hits.

What can the SW Cloaker do?

Well, for example, our Cloaking script can compile your existing HTML pages and make them friendly for Search Engine spiders.

Just enter the URL and the SW Cloaker does the rest based on your key words and the descriptions you have specified.

Here's how it works (plain and simple):

1. Hits come to your site;

2. The SW Cloaker automatically interprets whether this hit is a real person or a search engine spider;

3. If the hit is a spider, the SW Cloaker feeds it with search engine optimized pages containing keywords that you specified. If the hit is a human, the SW Cloaker redirects them to your real page;

4. The search engine spiders take the "cloaked" pages of all the keywords you specified and store them in their files. Voila! You have just greatly increased your chances of higher placement in the search results.

Here are just a few Key Features:

Automatic installer. No editing at code level. Just upload the files, answer a few questions, and you are ready to start working!

SW Cloaker allows you to cloak as many pages as you want (not only within your server but outside of it). This means that you may install SW Cloaker on one of your servers and set it up to spider any page on another domain (even your competitor's) and then feed the optimized pages to the search engine.

Dynamic page generating. No server space required. This means that every time a spider visits your site, our software determines what type of spider it is, and instantly optimizes pages for that specific spider. It uses parallel technology - the fastest static HTML page generating technology possible.

Template driven cloaked page generation. You can create HTML templates for your cloaked pages to make them look like a part of your site. You can design an HTML template for every cloaking account.

But don't misunderstand - these are dynamically generated, optimized pages that are not done randomly. This means that if a spider visits the cloaked page again and again and again - it will see the same page (unless you change the cloaked page yourself).

Detecting spiders by IP address and IP address range. We have developed a powerful spider detecting system that detects new spiders and redirects that information to our site. We will then research that spider and add it to the spider list on our server. Your copy of the Cloaker will automatically retrieve this list once a week and update your files as needed.

Log spider visits. SW Cloaker automatically logs unknown spider visits to a log. This log is accessible to you by way of online viewing.

Powerful stealth technology. Because Cloaker works through the Apache .htaccess file, the software is completely undetectable! It is also impossible to detect it by filename.

Won’t be considered spamming, Cloaker has no random elements so Search Engines won't consider your cloaked pages as Search Engine spamming. To the Search Engine, your pages will appear to be static HTML.


Your Web host needs to have the following system requirements (most do)

  • Unix Operating system (linux/FreeBSD)
  • Perl interpreter ver5.005 or higher
  • Apache web server ver1.3 or higher

It can also work with most FREE hosting companies that use CGI support like free.prohosting.com, hypermart.net, etc.

Testdrive the admin control panel:

Use this console to manage every aspect of SW Cloaker. Create a test account and try to spider your own website from "Load from URL" section. It is very easy to work with. Click here...

What search engine spider will see?

This page is an example of a cloaked page that ONLY search engines can see! We are running in TESTMODE right now so you can see like a search engine spider. Click here...

What kind of results can you expect?

It's hard for me to say. But when I applied SW Cloaker to my friend's web site while testing keyword density algorithm, in a few weeks I discovered an increase in traffic in the range of at least 1,600 - 2,000 unique visitors - per day.

This means that the friend's site with SW Cloaker will receive an extra traffic boost in the range of 584,000 to 730,000 unique, targeted visitors per year.

With SW Cloaker your traffic hits could be significantly increased, greatly boosting your chance of creating a profitable online business.


So ask yourself one question... Are you going to sit quietly on the sidelines while everyone else reaps the rewards of this remarkable software? Or are you going to join them and share in the benefits of higher search engine placement?

I know of nothing else that can help deliver a never-ending, steady stream of targeted traffic for you like the SW Cloaker can. I think you'll soon agree that our price is a small investment in exchange for all of the knowledge, tools and traffic you'll be receiving in return.

File Format

The program files are written in perl cgi scripts.


Our system will immediately email to you your download instructions after you complete the payment process.

Time of Delivery

It will normally take about 10 minutes for the email to reach you. However, if you have a slow connection please allow up to an hour before contacting us.


25 Domain License - $400.00 - Order Now

A 25 domain license grants you the right to install and run up to 25 separate copies of the SW Cloaker software on up to ten domains for an unlimited time. Those installations can be on one or more web hosts or servers.

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