Dr. Quek's Notes on Perl

Useful Perl Scripts

Perl is not only for cgi scripts. It helps you to do a lot of work with your PC.

For example it does things faster than you or it corrects errors in your documents.

These are a few scripts that you can customize with a little perl knowledge:


add-Files add several files together


check-Urls simple script to check for 404 errors


doorway want to make a lot of pages fast?


exact-Urls it saves the links of a document in a file


looks-For-Keyword it prints every line where the word is found


make-Directories want to make dirs not by hand?


produce-numbers get a file with lots of numbers (counts 1-3000)


remove-end-of-line everything after a given keyword


remove-line you want remove all lines with a special word in it


rename-directories it saves a lot of time to rename dirs


save-remote-files  do you want to save external urls over night?


search-and-replace in a dir it will replace words with keywords of your choice


simple-loop this helps to add entries to every line


small-letters it changes all big ones to small letters


beginners This guide helps you to install perl




This free service is up to date. It offers single source codes.

  • Updated July 2005

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