search and replace

The first line of the file a1.txt will search for the same "word combination" in 76 files (herein/1.txt till 76.txt, you can change the number). It will then replace the entry with the first line of b1.txt (every time it finds it). With a few modifications you can replace hundreds of words. It will save the result in the directory heraus.


open (ERSTE, "a1.txt") || die "Datei1 nicht gefunden\n";

@fileinput1 = <ERSTE>;
close (ERSTE);

$aa1 = @fileinput1[0];
chop $aa1;
$ca1 = $aa1;

open (ERSTE, "b1.txt") || die "Datei2 nicht gefunden\n";

@fileinput2 = <ERSTE>;
close (ERSTE);

$ab1 = @fileinput2[0];
chop $ab1;
$cb1 = $ab1;
$i = 1;

while($i <= 76)
# number of files in directory

open (DRITTE, "herein/$i.txt") || die "Datei3 nicht gefunden\n";

@inhalte = <DRITTE>;
close (DRITTE);

$satz = @inhalte[0];
$satz =~ s/$ca1/$cb1/g;

open (FERTIG, ">heraus/$i.txt");
print FERTIG "$satz";
close (FERTIG);


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