doorway script

This seems to be a little complicated. But it will save you a lot of time. You need a half hour to build one page, but with this script you can build 250 pages in five minutes!

Close all programs (because this perl script needs all your processor power).

z.txt b1.txt h1.txt

Customize z.txt to your needs, then save them in perl/eg/ and rename them to, and

Save there d.txt, too.
This is the file with your design on top.
You have to start it with </title></head><body>
But it has to be all on one line

Create there a k.txt, too.
Write in it 37 keyword phrases one per line.
These will be the names of your directories.

Make in perl/eg/ a soso.txt file. Write in there
253 keyword phrases (one per line). These will be
the names of your html files.

Copy in perl/eg/ five directories. Every one of them
has to have 36 files in them. Every of these txt files
has to have a lot of keyword rich content (no break is allowed in them)


copy all files and directories in a another directoy.
Use a Search and Replace Program to replace: <a href= this with <a href="
and to replace: .html> this with .html">

Rename a1.txt to index.html
Do not forget to make your index.html nicer.
Optimize it with all your search-engine tricks.


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